So much love

I'm getting pretty disturbed

sometimes i wish i lived in a more exciting place. you know, some city where i could randomly view a man wearing nothing but a cowboy hat, playing a lute while reciting from memory portions of the bhagavad gita (yes, i did have to look it up, and you'd be amazed how many different ways it's actually spelled), all the while covering for the trained seal that steals the assembled crowd's shoelaces. or perhaps a city in which gene simmons walks through your office. either one would be fine by me.

i didn't mention this before, but apparently my parents have decided to visit next week. on and after valentine's day. i would normally chalk this up to very poor planning, and i'd be upset about the timing of the trip. but (and i mean this honestly, as a statement of fact--that's all) it's not like they're ruining any plans.

there is just no way to say something like that without it seeming sarcastic.

so word freak almost made me late for work today. that is to say that i stayed up way too late last night reading. needless to say, i'm enjoying it. further review once i've actually finished it (i know, i say that for every book, but one of these days i may do it. that, and it's a nifty and succinct way to end the paragraph).

i severely oversalted my rice and sauce today. did that prevent me from eating it? of course not.

you will find you spend a good deal of your life sitting at red lights.


goldfrapp is quite the interesting group. they're on conan as i speak, and there's this portishead-ish/ennio-morricone-ish/former-opera-singer-turned-dark-ish element of the specific song that i find enticing. of course, it certainly helps that the singer has this kim-novak-in-vertigo thing going on. but i swear that is not my reason for liking the song.

today was abnormally slow for a monday at a camera store. we all chalked it up to the fact that most st. louisans are probably at home crying about the rams losing. my take on the super bowl thingamajig is that if the rams had to lose, it's cool that they lost (essentially) to the patriots' kicker, a man who looks more like a graduate student in economics than an athlete.

i am going to go to bed earlier than usual tonight. and then maybe, just maybe, i'll get up in time to register for my classes tomorrow. wish me luck...i'll need it. these classes start next week.

karma was returned to me and dave this evening--we went so dave could get food, and not only did they give me my order without charging me for it, but they also gave us change for a twenty, when dave gave them a ten. up yours, cosmos! up yours, indeed.

amber, i'm sorry for taking so long. i'll have something for you soon, but i haven't been feeling particularly interesting lately.

patiently you waited for a courting boy's embrace,

then everyone would know.

but the letter jacket wasn't yours to own

and it proves to be on temporary loan.