So much love

Oh, one other thing

i respectfully refuse to respond to this week's friday five. no offense intended, but most of it's none of your goddamn business.

perhaps if i'm feeling industrious (or at a loss for interesting things to talk about) i'll talk about this stuff some other time. but i doubt it.

the world ended at 04:17 AM

a few things, very quickly:

a few things, very quickly:

i spent this evening at a goth night at a skating rink--one of the more surreal moments of my life. i twisted my knee and fell down a lot.

went to the south city diner to celebrate dave's birthday. the red beans and rice were excellent.

bought the soundtrack to vanilla sky this evening, on advice from vasant. (current cd count on the year: 11) very nice.

i have to be at work in five and a half hours. goodnight.

more some other time, when i don't have the spectre of little sleep and a full day's work of developing mardi gras pictures (the not-so-interesting ones) hanging over my head.

oh, if you would and you could

straighten my new mind's eye.