So much love

I swear that the speakers

... on my computer are becoming more quiet with each passing time i use them. ironically, it only occurs when i am listening to cds. mp3s, that strange pseudo-orchestral hit thing that sounds when i log on, all that stuff works at normal volume. but my dismemberment plan didn't play loud enough tonight.

either that, or the television is too loud. you make the call.

so amy talked about jason schwartzmann today. jason was also on last call (that not-completely-horrible-until-later-this-week-when-fred-durst-sullies-the-airwaves show that's on after conan). i did not realize until that interview that jason was born in 1980. i was then reminded of a quote written in my "quote book", a spiral notebook i kept quotations in throughout high school:

one trouble with growing older is that it gets progressively tougher to find a famous ... figure who didn't amount to much when he was your age.

i dig the phantom planet single, by the way.

finally finished rock til you drop, meaning that i can comfortably move on to word freak. one chapter into it, and i like it a lot.

i was three things today. one, semi-productive (i should actually be in the classes by tomorrow, assuming i wake up). two, clumsy (cut my finger with a screwdriver--don't ask--and banged my head against the corner of a shelf). and three, irritable (in part because of the clumsiness, in part for reasons unknown).

there was more, but i forgot.

don't interrupt me as i struggle to complete this thought

have some respect for someone more forgetful than yourself.