So much love

I'm tired

but i was behind in other people's lives, so i'm still awake. prediction for the next half hour: get ready for bed, read some of word freak, fall asleep in the middle of a chapter, wake up cursing myself for losing my place in the book. sounds good.

several things to mention:

there's a dolph lundgren movie on television right now. now i know that keanu reeves gets a lot of shit for his acting ability, and i truly believe it's because he went to the dolph lundgren school of acting. example: an extreme closeup of dolph's character upon seeing the love interest for the first time is obviously intended to exude an awestruck, love-at-first-sight, i-just-encountered-a-beauty-unparalleled kind of reaction. dolph's apparent reaction? "i liked that turkey sandwich i had for lunch." gotta love it.

radio show tomorrow. planning on rocking the house, so to speak.

i was horrified to realize that i still remember the lyrics to some songs by phish, a band i have consciously avoided for at least six years.

i have the flute part of van morrison's "moondance" stuck in my head. i want to hurt myself as a direct result.

the above two list items were caused by the girl i worked with today. note to self: bring in your own damn cds next time you work with her.

bonus "before they were stars" story: remember mark summers, the guy who hosted double dare on nickelodeon? (apparently he hosts something else on cable now) years and years ago, his family lived across the street from my mom's family. my mom was about 12, i think, and mark was 3. anyway, my mom remembers mark summers (whose real name, by the way, is not summers, instead being something much longer and not so fluid) only because one time he came over to my mom's house, and urinated in the basement.

now, my mom may be making stuff up, or (more likely) i'm getting facts confused. either way, it's kind of funny.

someone please get me out of this apartment.