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What intrigues me?

MOVIE REMAKE OF THE WEEK: Crispin Glover, known best in the mainstream for playing Michael J. Fox's father in the first Back to the Future, has signed to star in another version of the horror ratfest Willard, the Hollywood Reporter says.

Glover, also a cult figure for other acting ventures and his music, will play the title character (who is a person) in the update of the 1971 classic. For those of you who don't know: Willard is an outcast whose only friends are his pet rats. When one of the rats is killed where he works, Willard goes on a rampage, using his friends to help him get revenge.

Willard is being written and produced by X-Files alumni James Wong and Glen Morgan.

crispin glover is a strange, strange man. somewhere around here i have a copy of a magazine (pop smear, i think?) with him on the cover, and the entire photo shoot is him in a huge fur coat with two naked women wearing masks of some sort. he's nearly kicked david letterman in the head, released an album called the big problem does not equal the solution. the solution = let it be, made a movie with a cast made up completely of people with down's syndrome and a talking snail, and on and on and on.

so needless to say, seeing him in a movie where his only friends are rats appeals to me greatly.

slow, uninspired night. hence the rambling about crispin hellion glover.

cripes, it's late. i ended up staying up way too late tonight because i got on instant messenger (to bother dave while he was doing his radio show), and ended up running into not just dave, but maggie (not maggie , but ex-girlfriend maggie) and vasant as well. vasant and i ended up spending a good chunk of the night (i'm guessing about four hours, give or take) talking about all manner of things, from paul westerberg's signing to vagrant records (?!?!?) to kwur's upcoming rock concert to all sorts of other things.

then we got on the subject of bands becoming popular, and my weird relationship with said bands both before and after the popularity spike. i figured i'd quote some of it here, just because i found it interesting, and slightly funny at times. if you're not at all interested in music, just skip to the end of this. here goes:

Papercut871: i've thought about this for a i like songs:ohia so much because of the lyrics (which, thematically, are similar to those of dc [dashboard confessional]) being somehow better than those of dc, or do i just prefer s:o because no one knows who jason is? my musical mind works strangely.

tyrone01: i had no idea you cared so much about your music being exclusive. you really hold your artists near & dear, don't you?

tyrone01: perhaps if you view an artist as a spouse who provides comfort & support, it seems unfair to have to share them with someone else

Papercut871: that's actually more accurate than you (or i) might think.

tyrone01: it's like jason is your personal soul mate, and you don't want him to "be" with anyone else

Papercut871: okay, now you're making it sound creepy. but there's still a valid point there.

tyrone01: indeed

tyrone01: popularity of a band is not all that important to me

tyrone01: so you're not irritated by the vast amount of people who like radiohead?

Papercut871: with radiohead (or, if rem still put out albums as good as the stuff they made for irs), i'm not sure if it's as much of a factor. i don't lyrically relate all that much to thom yorke...if i did, i'd probably need to be institutionalized.

Papercut871: so i think it's the lyrics more than anything else.

tyrone01: which validates my theory, that a lyricist is speaking directly to you

Papercut871: dave has an extension of your "spouse" theory: he says that i'm hurt that the artist would share this support and comfort to other, stupider, people that i don't like.

Papercut871: which opens up a whole realm of "exclusive club" arguments that i don't even want to get into.

tyrone01: dave's theory makes sense

tyrone01: you wouldn't want your wife sleeping with someone dumber & uglier than you

Papercut871: exactly.

other than that, not an eventful day. did my radio show (you did listen, right?), watched the rams almost pull off a game they should have won, but didn't. talked to marisa for the first time since the glaciers melted. and that's about it.

this i'm sure will be a long post, thanks to the im thing. so i'll stop now.

this is a story you won't tell the kids we'll never have.